City Suggestions: Project Awesome

It's 6:24am, so early that my post Nottinghill Carnival hangover hasn't even been triggered yet. It's hammering down with rain, and I have 6 minutes to get to Southbank for the smiliest, craziest, liberating workout ever. Despite not being a London resident, I don't struggle to find the crowd of neon lycra and happy morning faces as all I can hear on the approach to South Bank is the sound of Danny Bent's excited shouts. This is a man who enjoys life, and a man who's made it possible for you to enjoy yours, for free!

We're off to an energetic start with laps up and down stairs, round concrete pillars, using railings for tricep dips, the ground as yoga mats. People are smiling and I'm not sure why but I join in, energy and happiness bouncing off strangers. It's bank holiday Monday and this is the best Monday ever! Your physical ability doesn't matter, everyone does their best, helps each other, and makes London their playground. 

Strangely enough, at this strange event, this should be strange, but it's not, it feels normal, to be doing lunges in lycra with strangers - the stranger the better. It's not just a workout, it's a space to give off energy, to improve your working day before it's begun. Ideas are formed, whether possible or not, we try and we fail, where the failing is the trying and the trying is the doing. 

If you're in London and crave a free workout, energetic vibe, and the best way to start your work day, get to Project Awesome, London's happiest, free-est, awesome-est fitness session. 

Sarah Pritchard