Wildlife Weekly - Dartmoor with Jason Mulvaney

Untamed, rugged, and open, Dartmoor National park creates it's own atmosphere of beauty in the heart of Devon. Gaining it's status as a National Park in 1951, Dartmoor's landscape is a diverse stretch of purple heatherclad, granite tors, and historical woodlands. An open network of tracks and footpaths carve a subtle opportunity for an explore around the nearly 400 square miles of breath-taking scenery. We'd recommend going in summer, to enjoy long days of sunlight upon one of the high capped tors, a main focal point for climbers, walkers, and photographers. 

Wildlife filmmaker and adventurer, Jason Mulvaney, has a creative eye for capturing the wilderness. His new film The Fire and Life of Dartmoor, is a thoughtful insight into the views of Brian Sedgbeer, a like-minded wildlife photographer who explains the environmental benefits of controlled moor fires, but shares a reminder of the potential risks to the landscapes creatures. 

Wildlife enthusiast and bouldering guru of the South West, Jason's creative eye(s) is always on the twitch for the perfect photograph of wriggly insects, and vast wildnerness scenes that take our break away. His website showcases some of his stunning photography. We look forward to catching up with Jason and his other UK adventures in the near future, as they inspire us every time. 

Film: The Fire and Life of Dartmoor, y Jason Mulvaney. 


Sarah Pritchard