#LifeChangers - an inspiring E-book

When given the opportunity to write an article for a book comprising 44 inspirational stories by inspirational people that made things happen in 2015 - we couldn't refuse. Featured in #LifeChanger, Sarah Pritchard writes of the idea of Treasure Pocket, and the drive and enthusiasm behind it's making. The book is storming up the top 10 of Amazon E-books and with all profits going to the Guardian Refugee Appeal, it's got to be the best £4.95 you'll ever spend! 

Along with jaw moving stories from adventurers like Sean Conway and Anna McNuff, the book offers tips and tricks from general pro-active go-getters who did something to change their lives for the better in 2015. 'They did it, so now you can too'. 

Here's a teaser of our chapter! Buy it NOW for the full 44 story shabang from Amazon here.

''Got an Idea? Set sail and make it reality''

''Having an idea can feel like a winning breakthrough. You've finally reached an epiphany in your life and your enthusiasm for this fantastic creation is enough to make it happen, enable you to quit your job and eat caviar on a beach for the rest of life. Having an idea is the fun part, but the transition from idea to reality is the stage many don't reach, a stage of fear - because what if it doesn't work out? But honey, what if it does!''


Sarah Pritchard